The Pilgrimage of Business

September 17, 2019
Business needs to get beyond the narrow UX scope of the customer journey. It’s emotional movement accompanying physical movement that makes a pilgrimage a pilgrimage. Applying this experience in business opens an escape hatch out of commoditization.
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Time for Business

September 10, 2019
Time is at the heart of the struggle over the culture of business. This episode discusses the conflict between mechanized clock time and alternative forms of time, as well as the consequences of the need for speed in corporate life.
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The Unreal Business of Poetry and Fairy Tales

September 02, 2019
With business culture sinking lower and lower, we need tools to aim higher. Poetry and fairy tales help us to imagine what could be instead of leaving us in the morass of what is. Poet of business Fateme Banishoeib guides us through the mental experience of verse, while Gwion Bach escapes a sorceress to give an ancient business proposal his own form.
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Business Roundtable Fiddles While The Amazon Burns

August 29, 2019
Two weeks ago, the Business Roundtable pledged to protect the human global community by pursuing environmentally sustainable business practices. This week, the Blackstone investment firm, a Business Roundtable member, has been caught making profits from the burning of the Amazon rainforest. Will the Business Roundtable step up and make good on its promises, or was the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation just a bunch of meaningless hype?
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The Technology of Racism in Business

August 27, 2019
There has always been racism in business, but now we are becoming of a new form of racism that's infecting the culture of commerce. Digital technologies are embedding racism into the most powerful technological systems that have ever existed, automatically spreading harch discriminatory judgments at a terrifying pace. Where did digital racism come from, and what can we do to stop it?
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