Distance and Presence

November 07, 2019
It's possible to both be in a place and to be absent. This episode explores the experience of emotional distance and emotional presence.
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A Second Wind To Arrival

October 30, 2019
This episode concludes the three-part exploration of the emotions of pilgrimage, moving from the feeling of the second wind to the experience of having arrived.
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A Weary Path Into Negative Emotion

October 25, 2019
The uncertainty of the beginning shifts into an emotion that becomes dreadfully familiar: The feeling of being weary. The emotion of weariness is a child of long paths, whether they are literal or figurative. Much of the experience of a pilgrimage is negative, and purposefully so. It’s about loss, and pain, and the things that cannot be had, cannot be done.
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October 16, 2019
As the first emotion of pilgrimage, trepidation is the unsettled feeling we get when we are about to begin something of importance, and are filled with both the urge to begin and the wish that we could abandon the journey altogether.
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Despair and Feeling Grounded

October 09, 2019
This episode marks a transition for This Human Business, away from a focus on business reform and into an emphasis on the human experience through emotional granularity. This episode explores despair and feeling grounded.
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