Humanity in the Business Cult of Innovation - Trailer

July 29, 2019
New is what it’s all about. People will be quick to tell you that innovation is the thing that drives business these days. If it’s not new, it’s irrelevant, obsolete and vulnerable to disruption, the process through which innovative businesses invade the territories of those who have failed to innovate, pin them down and take them apart piece by piece until they die. The catch is that within the category of things that the business cult of innovation deems insufficientl...
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Gender and Business - This Human Business Episode 7

October 10, 2018
This final episode of the 1st season of This Human Business confronts the ugly reality exposed by the Me Too movement: The masculine default of business identity is hurting people and affecting the bottom line. Sexual assault, sexual harassment, and just plain sexism pervades business. How can we make it better - for women, for men, for everybody? How does gender fluidity relate to the practice of commerce? What do gender dynamics have to teach us about opportunities for the business of ident...
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The Future of Business - This Human Business Episode 6

October 03, 2018
This episode of This Human Business considers the future of business, which is something that we cannot know, of course. When we're talking about the future of business, we're really talking about our concerns in the present and the legacy of the past. 
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The Business of Human Technology - This Human Business Episode 5

September 26, 2018
After years of hype, the digital revolution has finally led to the Great Techlash of 2018. Though Silicon Valley tycoons are still in love with their bots and their apps, the rest of us are realizing that the promises of technological utopia come with a dark side. We're growing skeptical of all the apps and automation. So, how can digital technology be humanized, to make it relevant and trustworthy again?
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A Postmortem on the Cat of Artificial Intelligence

September 19, 2018
This week, This Human Business takes an unexpected turn with the news of the death of one of the businesses in this week’s intended episode about technology and humanity in business. That episode will come next week, but today, this stripped-down, mournful version of the ordinary podcast explores the strange businesss that sought to make artificial intelligence into a digital cat, its downfall, and the implications for business journalism.
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