Purpose Washing from the Business Roundtable

August 19, 2019
This morning, Americans woke up to a surprising headline from the Washington Post: - Group of top CEOs says maximizing shareholder profits no longer can be the primary goal of corporations - The story referred to a document signed by 181 CEOs called the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. Is it true, though? Does what does the document actually say, and what does it mean? This special episode reads through the document itself, and looks at the hard truth from the evidence of its corpor...
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Addictive Technology and My Year without an iPhone

August 12, 2019
The positive side of digital technology in business is clear, but commercial culture has yet to come to grips with the addictive nature of digital experiences, not just for individual users, but for entire businesses as well. This episode scrutinize the ethical problems beyond the elevated status that digital technology has been granted in business culture, in the context of my decision to spend all of 2019 without a smartphone.
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What is a Human Business?

August 05, 2019
Business leaders have begun to catch on to the idea that people outside of Silicon Valley don’t think of being human as some kind of pesky relic of an outdated biological past, a burden that should be transcended with technology. So, businesses have begun using the word -human- as a buzzword, a term that they add to their mission statements and promotional materials, though it’s pretty clear that they don’t have much of an idea about what being a human business is really all...
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Humanity in the Business Cult of Innovation - Trailer

July 29, 2019
New is what it’s all about. People will be quick to tell you that innovation is the thing that drives business these days. If it’s not new, it’s irrelevant, obsolete and vulnerable to disruption, the process through which innovative businesses invade the territories of those who have failed to innovate, pin them down and take them apart piece by piece until they die. The catch is that within the category of things that the business cult of innovation deems insufficientl...
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