The Story of John Henry, A Data-Driven Man

September 02, 2018
This bonus episode of This Human Business tells the story of John Henry, the steel driving man who took on a machine in a race and won. What happened next serves as a warning for human researchers in our digital age of data-driven business.
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The Power of Story - This Human Business Episode 2

August 29, 2018
We're living in the Information Age, they tell us, but even as business amasses hoards of data that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago, we seem to have lost track of the human story of commerce. Indeed, some designers scoff at the idea of business storytelling. Are they right? Is storytelling just a business fad?
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This Human Business Episode 1 - A Beautiful Business

August 22, 2018
The inaugural episode of This Human Business connects with a group of people who have imagined a wonderful human future for commerce, at the House of Beautiful Business. But first, we confront the ugly truth about business culture: It's broken, alienating the human beings that it is supposed to serve. A full transcript of the podcast is available at
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A Fado Love Letter To Business

August 16, 2018
This Human Business is a podcast that’s put together as a kind of love letter to business, in the tradition of love as expressed through fado, the traditional Portuguese style of music that blends imprecision with passion to communicate a mood of desperate longing, without care for dignity or restraint. As a love letter to business, it will express frustration, shameless longing without much cause for hope, and unrequited affection as much as simple admiration.
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Preview - The Humanity of Business Innovation

August 15, 2018
What if business innovation could produce something more than just efficiency? What if innovation could be beautifully human? The new podcast This Human Business is slowing down from the unrelenting sprint of startup culture to contemplate these questions and more.
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