A Garden in Crisis

--- Jonathan Cook ---

We are living in a time of crisis, with COVID-19 and climate change, and the global economic meltdown they have provoked. This podcast is about the role that gardening can play in the cultivation of resilience in times of crisis, for our ecology, economy, and psychological well being. They call it crisis gardening, but join us for a bit of peace in the garden in these times of crisis.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Connections in Crisis

    Gardeners in Pakistan, Ireland, and the United States discuss the way that gardens give us the resources we need to address multiple challenges simultaneously. When times get tough, it's time to work the ground. ...


  2. Time in the Garden

    What does it mean to spend time in a garden? In times of crisis, gardening slows us down, giving us meals of solace along with the flowers and vegetables. ...


  3. A Growing Crisis

    This introduction to the podcast A Garden in Crisis explains the concept of crisis gardening, and hears from gardeners in England and America who are coping with the unique pressures of gthe COVID-19 pandemic.  ...